ChainXstate credits CXW-s token owners who have invested their tokens in the MetaMint protocol with daily returns generated by real-estate earnings and liquidity income.
To profit from this income, CXW-s tokens must be purchased. After purchase the CXW-s tokens must be transfered into the MetaMint protocol. Here they can be invested for flexible periods. Purchase of the tokens finances realestate projects whose returns flow back to the customer. When the investment period ends, the tokens can either be re-invested or sold back to ChainXstate.

ChainXstate is a project of the Swiss enterprise Helvetic Corporate Finance SA, registered under CH-660.0.176.018-0.

The status of real-estate projects can be seen internally. For each project in planning there is an exposé and details with plans.

MetaMinting can be compared to the classic staking of digital tokens. Staking means that crypto assets are held (invested) for a certain period in a proof-ofstake
Each owner of CXW-s tokens can transfer them into the MetaMint protocol and thus participate in real-estate income of ChainXstate and earn CXW-s tokens.

CXW-s tokens can be purchased internally. A free account must be created. Then a KYC process has to be completed. After that CXW-s tokens can be purchased by all methods of payment like credit card, bank transfer, SWIFT and various cryptocurrencies

Creating an account with ChainXstate is free of charge. Besides the usual credit card and transfer charges, as well as blockchain transaction costs for deposits and withdrawals, there are no extra fees, monthly membership or the like.

ChainXstate credits all CXW-s token owners who have transfered their tokens into the MetaMint protocol daily and monthly returns in CXW-s tokens.

Yes, ChainXstate rewards each recommendation on the basis of a breakaway plan. The exact reward can be found in the sales presentation or in the sales plan.

Before commencement of the building of real-estate projects or e-commerce campaigns, the entire capital of a protocol is put into major stock exchanges as liquidity. That also enables short-term yield for clients and partners.